1. Your Desires are not for the next lifetime, Live N.O.W

Your Desires are not for the next lifetime, this can be utilized as a driving force behind what , why, and how you get things done.  When we need or want something it is out of a desire for that specific thing.   This is where we tend to put forth the energy to needed to gain or fulfill the desire.   This is true for a negative or positive, someone may want an Ipad and will do whatever it takes just to get one , so obviously by any means there is some desire that needs to be fulfilled, even if the burning desire internally was for him to become more of his true self which may be reflected through the technology of the Ipad, because technology reflects our minds and internal circuits which extend external as well into universal reflection as a whole. Now the effect that comes to us from us going into this mode of want and desire can lead us as well into a mere reflecting moment that shifts our conscious forever, because it is just that time. Hopefully I have not lost you in this translation.  Then we have a positive effect of a burning desire to succeed or accomplish a goal set, this can be categorized from short term and long term goals.  At the end of the day whatever your desire may be, do not wait for the next lifetime to achieve that result.  Choose wisely what you may pursue and once you have made your choice, move forward with the energy flow that energizes you day in and day out to achieve the result you are looking for.  Everything in life has a progress bar, sometimes we have to stop and rearrange ourselves for better placement and other personal reasons.  Beyond any reason there is, your desires are not for the next lifetime, if you cycle back around and read this and experience DEja’vu, then this is definitely for you, if not take it with a thread and S.E.W.  it.

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