Apps are sexy and you know it!!

App are so sexy , the desire for business to evolve

Very briefly I have been going back and forth to the app store for mac to find the obvious apps , well the “play store” for android devices .. it came to my attention that we all know apps are the new choice for users to experience complete at the touch of my finger access to applications that literally create the world they would like to be apart of or rather engage ….Well, apps are going strong from WII applications like netflix services or even You Tube apps for Roku and other devices, from the app store to the play store, people are customizing their lives around on the go, productivity, lifestyle, social, news, and more directly from one,2, or maybe even 3 devices.

Now businesses, not only are looking to build a web presence but now its time to make sure you have a mobile site or app presence as well.  Depending on what your market is if you are constantly updating or even have items for sale, well you are about to reach a portion of the market that cares.
Apps are Sexy when:
They are easy to use (user interface writing is important)
Social (when the user can engage with others
Can make profile Private (not sharing there info everywhere, and able to make their settings private as well
Are Useful (productivity apps are a plus, when it actually helps)
Have Support (being able to make updates and answer any questions through FAQ or email

Hey there may be some things missing so feel free to add some things that make apps useful to you.

Apps are here to stay and will continue to evolve as platforms evolve to reach users directly where they are, literally.

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