What is a break even analysis?

Learning the core basics of business is a broad subject to dive into. There are somethings that you should know if you have an idea, you know someone in business, you are about to retire, and as always how aspects of business integrate into your personal life. With that in mind, lets take a look…


A message from Allison E. Jones

Dear Reader, I don’t make business services recommendations.However, I have thoughts regarding your personal expenditures that can save you time and substantial money.  I’m suggesting that you call on the services one of our subsidiaries of ADJustments-MADE: Aaron’s Automotive Service and Repair.

Allison Jones - Leading While Learning

Leading While Learning: The Program

Leading While Learning is a program customized for anyone to integrate into getting a head start on creating the lifestyle they would like to live.    The Program is based from the manual/book Leading While Learning written by Allison Jones.   By creating alliances we would like to

Apps are sexy and you know it!!

App are so sexy , the desire for business to evolve Very briefly I have been going back and forth to the app store for mac to find the obvious apps , well the “play store” for android devices .. it came to my attention that we all know apps are the new choice for…

Social Media and Customer Retention

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, MySpace, yeah MySpace , lol Just when you thought business was already a hassle , ok ok how about a great life experience to create wealth, ideas, visions, and products and services that actually M.A.T.T.E.R.  Okay however you may feel about it you now have something else to add…