Leading While Learning: The Program

Leading While Learning is a program customized for anyone to integrate into getting a head start on creating the lifestyle they would like to live.    The Program is based from the manual/book Leading While Learning written by Allison Jones.   By creating alliances we would like to help organizations raise money and simultaneously give the momentum needed for their audience to see how basic economics is applied in life and how they can create a quality product and reliable service or help one grow.  In the world today, we have become more accustomed to consuming then producing.  With Leading While Learning we can have clarity to focus on the basics of spirituality for an economic gain which will create and sustain communities independently.   People need a way to see their ideas harvest into reality, organizations need a way to expand their services and small businesses need a way to positively effect employee morale for business growth. These are points in the manual/book Leading While Learning.

Students in the program will learn how to :

    1. Earn Money and grow a business
    2. Identify organizations with quality products and/or reliable services
    3. The mechanics of network and affiliate marketing
    4. Become Resourceful & Global Distribution


To learn how you can create an alliance with Leading While Learning Program please contact myteam@adjustmentsmade.com , copy and paste the SUBJECT LINE: Create Alliance with “your name”