Social Media and Customer Retention

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, MySpace, yeah MySpace , lol

social icons for social mediaJust when you thought business was already a hassle , ok ok how about a great life experience to create wealth, ideas, visions, and products and services that actually M.A.T.T.E.R.  Okay however you may feel about it you now have something else to add to the business experience.   The BIG S&M (Social Media), I do not  know how many more times you will hear this but with Facebook going public, Twitter growing and evolving, YouTube creating overnight revolutions, hit web series, giving everyone a voice, and Linkedin connecting people through internal sources their is no reason on Earth you can not succeed online, even if you utilize FB, Twit, YT or any of the 2 you can literally create a following or online environment that when customers come to your establishment/website and engage in what you are offering they will be warmed up and ready to help you grow your business.   You are now creating your own environment and individuals that have interest in what you present create their environment around what you can do to stimulate their social interest offline and online.

Now yes this takes time and you should not expect a ROI from social media, but you should expect  to engage with your friends, followers, so they can know about your quality products/reliable services.  Social media+offline engagement= Customer retention

Depending on what type of business you operate depends on whether you want this type of leverage. Here’s a list of businesses that should give it a try:

Businesses that should think about Going Social
  • Hair Salons/Barbershops                            Bar and Grills
  • Restaurants                    Online stores (if you sell physical products or digital)
  • Popular blog                                                  Special Service industries
  • Targeted Niches
  • Children products/services
  • Car dealers,etc

Any one that has a business needs 1 or the other, social media gives you leverage to boost your brand and presence globally, we live in a global society, its time to step up to the plate and go global.. There is something is your business that can be offered globally and if not then you should strategically plan to include something for that sole purpose.     With Social media you can predict what your customers want and need, why they need it, when they will want it and deliver to them right in time.

  • Social Media does not have to be a priority in your business, these are businesses that like the simple life, and do not want an influx of customers to keep up with and steadily engage with, they may not want there business to last beyond their time here on Earth, but hey , whatever your goals are for your business, think about where your customers are and engage them, offer them something that will always bring them back, even if its the best bathrooms they have ever been in…That was random but you get the point

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